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Understanding the Diamond Cut Round Brilliant: A Guide for Jewelry Professionals

As a jewelry professional, understanding diamonds and the factors that determine their value is essential to providing the best products to your clients. One of the most important factors is the diamond cut, which significantly impacts the beauty and quality of the diamonds you sell. In this article, we will focus on the round brilliant diamond cut, its characteristics, and how it affects the overall value of a diamond. We will also explore different types of diamond cuts, the best diamond quality, and the importance of certified diamonds.


Why Round Brilliant Diamond Cut is So Popular


Round cut diamonds are extremely popular - they make up about 75% of all diamonds sold. People love them because they are able to channel a lot of light, which really makes the diamond sparkle. The round brilliant cut is a special type of round cut that was developed in the early 1900s and is now the go-to standard for round cuts. The way the stone is fashioned makes the diamond shine its brightest, which is why a lot of people select it for engagement rings and fancy jewelry.


Understanding Diamond Cut and Clarity


The way a diamond is cut plays a big part in how much it's worth. A good cut makes a diamond shine brighter and look more stunning. This is because the cut determines how well the diamond can reflect light, which is what gives it a unique sparkle. The "diamond cut clarity" is all about how symmetrical the diamond is and the quality of the cut. If a diamond isn't cut well, it won't reflect light properly, and it won't look as sparkly or be as valuable.


Different Diamond Cut


There are many ways to cut a diamond, and each style changes how the diamond catches light:


  • Princess Cut: These are square diamonds with sharp corners. They're the second most popular kind, and people love their modern look. They shine almost as much as round diamonds.
  • Emerald Cut: This cut is shaped as  a rectangle with layered facets. It's not as shiny as some other cuts, but it has a classic, old-school charm and really shows off the diamond's clarity.
  • Asscher Cut: This is a square version of the emerald cut but with more depth, so it's extra sparkly. It was a big hit during the Art Deco era and is gaining popularity again.
  • Cushion Cut: This style is a square with rounded corners (like a pillow, hence the name). It's been around for 200 years and was the most popular until the early 20th century. It has a classic, romantic look and has considerable shine
  • Marquise Cut: This cut is oval with pointed ends, which makes the diamond look bigger and can even make fingers seem more slender.
  • Pear Cut: This one is a mix of round and marquise cuts, resulting in a teardrop shape. It's extraordinarily shiny and can also make fingers look slimmer.
  • Oval Cut: Just like its namesake, it's an oval-shaped diamond. It's almost as shiny as round diamonds but has a unique shape. The longer design can also make fingers look longer and slimmer.
  • Radiant Cut: This design combines the sparkle of round diamonds with the modern shape of emerald or princess cuts. It has 70 facets, so it really shows off the diamond's color.

Each diamond cut has its own unique look and value, making a big difference in how a diamond appears and feels.


The Importance of Certified Diamonds:


At the end of the day, you want to make sure the diamonds you're selling or using in your designs are legit. A diamond certificate does that for you. It's like a report card that tells you the diamond's grades based on color, clarity, cut, and size (carat weight). Certified diamonds are reliable and have been carefully tested to make sure they're top-notch. Here at A.A. Rachminov, we're all about high-quality, beautifully cut diamonds that come with certification and follow the Kimberley Process rules. This means our diamonds are responsibly sourced from well-known mines all over the world. That way, our customers can be sure they're getting the best diamonds for their money.




If you work with jewelry, it's crucial to know all about the round brilliant diamond cut. You need to be up-to-date on the latest diamond shapes and the top colors so you can give your customers the most unique and luxurious options. Making sure you sell certified diamonds means your customers will know they're getting the best quality and value for their money. At A.A. Rachminov, we're especially proud to offer expert advice, top-notch certified diamonds, and excellent customer service.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the cut of a diamond contribute to its overall value?

Answer: The cut of a diamond greatly contributes to its value and aesthetics by determining its brilliance, which is how well the diamond reflects light, and its fire, the dispersion of light into the colors of the spectrum. The better the cut, the more it enhances these optical properties, making the diamond appear more sparkling and attractive. Therefore, a diamond with a high-quality cut will generally be more valuable and aesthetically pleasing than a similarly sized but poorly cut diamond.

What is a diamond cut round brilliant?

Answer: The round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond cut known for its exceptional brightness, fire (dispersion of light into different colors), and scintillation (sparkle and pattern of light and dark areas caused by reflections). Perfected over centuries, it offers unmatched sparkle and brilliance, making it ideal for engagement rings and other jewelry.

What services do you provide for long-term customers at A.A. Rachminov?

Answer: Among the services we offer our long-term customers are: diamond re-cutting and re-certification, support at customer events, access to our online inventory data, including via a newly launched app, diamond-investment consultations, global shipping options, and in-house training seminars about diamond basics for our clients’ staff and sales personnel around the world.