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Our family boasts 80 years of experience in the midstream level of the global diamond value chain. Therefore, diamond manufacturing has naturally become part of the company’s DNA. To ensure that our diamonds maintain their high quality during their evolution from rough to polished, we insist on taking an active, central role in the manufacturing process.

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Overseeing the cutting and polishing stages of each diamond’s transformation gives us an advantage: We’re able to sustain an ongoing supply of top-quality diamonds that our customers depend on for their downstream needs.

As we constantly strive to answer our client's needs, we continuously expand our sources for rough diamonds and enlarge our manufacturing facilities. As global diamond consumption continues to grow, so too does our aim to supply it.

Currently, our firm operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Israel and in South Africa, which use the latest technologies in diamond cutting and polishing. Our highly skilled workers have all gained their expertise from decades of experience manufacturing a wide variety of white and fancy color diamonds. They specialize in maximizing diamond value by creating the optimal balance between the cut, quality and weight of each stone they meticulously process.

The rough diamonds we source originate from Africa and Canada, and are all compliant with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, an international government-led system aimed at preventing conflict diamonds from entering the pipeline.  We also receive monthly rough diamond allocations that are specifically reserved for our company.

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