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Fancy Color Diamonds

To keep up with our clients’ needs and market trends, we have established a subsidiary that focuses exclusively in maintaining a high-end inventory of fancy color diamonds. We now serve the global diamond market as a one-stop shop for high-end goods consisting of both white and fancy color diamonds.

Our inventory includes large-sized fancy color diamonds in a wide variety of colors and shapes. While we supply spectacular yellow diamonds, we specialize in offering even rarer pink and blue diamonds, all of which are available in various hues and levels of color intensity. We provide diamond layouts and auction-class stones, in both loose and mounted formats.

The very same expertise, dedication and proficiency we uphold while supplying our clients with white diamonds is also extended to our service of providing fancy color diamonds.

Given our vast industry experience and expertise, we understand just how rare and, therefore, valuable fancy colored diamonds are. We also recognize that their color intensity can be influenced by how they’re cut. This is why we use only the latest and most sophisticated cutting and polishing technologies to maximize each fancy color diamond’s true hue.

At A.A. Rachminov, we uphold and apply the most professional standards for our high-end diamond inventories.

The company is a member of the Natural Color Diamonds Association (NCDIA).

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