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Our inventory contains individually selected diamonds that we cut to perfection. The selection of high-end diamonds that we offer is specifically designed to cater to some of the world’s most prominent diamond jewelers and retailers. Over the years, we’ve acquired a deep understanding of our customers’ diamond requirements for flawlessness and precision, and we work diligently to fulfill these needs.

We continuously maintain a large inventory comprising thousands of white and fancy color diamonds, thereby ensuring consistent and dependable supply availability at all times. Our diverse high-end stock features stones ranging from 0.5 carat up to large-sized exceptional stones of 10.00+ carats. Our diamonds are available in various cuts, including premium and value cuts, and in all shapes. We also offer matching pairs and diamond layouts.

With such a rich inventory of unique stones, our customers can select the exact diamonds they need. We are fully equipped to handle special requests; size is no object. We can also be called on to provide suggestions and are happy to accommodate recurring orders custom-made to meet company criteria and standards. Our long-term customers can also access our online inventory through our newly created app, which features the most up-to-date supply information in real time

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