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Rare Cut Diamonds: Discovering Uncommon Beauty

Diamonds are regarded as one of the most sought-after gemstones on earth and their beauty emanates from their cuts, which reflect its shine. The cuts of diamonds are one of the key elements in diamond gemology that requires clarity, symmetry, proportions as well as quality polish. The cushion diamond cut and the princess-cut diamonds have become household names, but other cuts of diamonds are just as lovely – if not more priceless in their rarity and exoticism. In the article, we will try to present some rare cut diamonds and see their uncommon beauty.

At A.A.Rachminov, we offer a specialized collection of every possible rare cut diamond available in different shapes, sizes, and colors so that you find the one to meet your requirement perfectly. Our collection of rare cut diamonds ranges from emerald cut diamonds to asscher cut diamonds and each diamond is selected and reviewed by handpick for its outstanding beauty.


What Determines Diamond Cut Quality:

The cut of a diamond determines the diamond's overall beauty and quality, and it is an important factor when determining the best diamond quality. A well-cut diamond will reflect and refract light, creating exceptional sparkle, while a poorly cut diamond will appear lifeless, even if it has a high carat weight. Diamond cutters work diligently to create the perfect cut that maximizes a diamond's brilliance and fire. Here are the key factors that determine diamond cut quality:
  • Symmetry: The symmetry of a diamond is an indicator of the degree to which the faces fit together. A diamond with poor symmetry will not be able to properly reflect and refract the light that enters into it, making its sparkling much less vivid than one in a perfect condition.
  • Proportions: The shape of a diamond is described by its proportions, which refer to the amount how deep or shallow it is. When proportions in a diamond are wrong, it reflects light improperly that may lead to flat appearance.
  • Polish: The brilliance of a diamond denotes the texture on its surface, because it determines how much light enters into this stone.

List of Rare Cut Diamonds:

While there are many cuts of diamonds available in the market, there are some rare cut diamonds that are not commonly seen. Here are some of the cut diamonds that are rare but absolutely stunning:


  • Pear Cut Diamond: The tear-drop cut diamond, also known as the pear cut diamond is a combination of both the marquise and round diamonds because it takes up features from these two types. It has a long shape where one end is sharp and the other side is pointed.
  • Radiant Cut Diamond: Radiant cuts are uncommon, as only less than 2% of the diamonds that are cut today are radiant. A radiant cut diamond is rectangular-shaped with rounded corners that have been trimmed. This diamond is specifically created to showcase the highest brilliance and fire of a diamond.
  • Emerald Cut Diamond: Emerald cut diamonds account for only 3% of the entire world’s diamond production, making them scarce and difficult to obtain. The emerald cut, designed with the main intention of cutting out for an emerald stone available in a shape that is rectangular and sharp edged. It possesses an exclusive grace through its large facet table or flat top where the light can interact with the diamond’s natural inclusions.
  • Asscher Cut Diamond: About 2 percent of diamonds are cut into Asschers by diamond cutters. The asscher cut diamond has a square outline and huge number of facets that lead to the surprising look when there is light.
  • Heart Cut Diamond: Heart cut diamond is a unique and rare romantic shape of the diamond that needs sophisticated skills to be created. It is a pyriform (pear-shaped) outline and has the cleft at its top.
  • Marquise Cut Diamond: The marquise cut diamond has a boat-shaped design that is elongated with pointed ends. It has an elongated shape that can give it a big size look and sharp edges make the diamond have a very elegant touch of drama to add beauty. To help achieve brilliance, the marquise cut diamond is a magnificent and unusual piece that you don’t encounter so easily.

Top Reasons to Choose a Rare Cut Diamond 

Rare cut diamonds are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique beauty and symbolism. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider a rare cut diamond for your next jewelry design: 
  • Unique and Distinctive: Rare cut diamonds are bold and unique, helping someone not to blend in just like everyone else. They are characterized by a special quality that is not usually found in the most popular cuts.
  • Investment Value: The value of rare cut diamonds may not depreciate or could appreciate with time because of the limited number. They could also represent special investment possibilities.
  • Historical Significance: The diamonds that are cut this way are often rare, thus, they have a great history and abundance. Having one is almost like owning a part of history.
  • Romantic Gesture: Opting for a less popular diamond cut, such as heart cut, for an engagement ring may reflect that this kind of love is unique and for eternity. It can make the celebration even more momentous.
  • Enhanced Size Perception: This is because some infrequently-used cuts such as the marquise cut elongate the diamond and make it look larger. This can enable a higher apparent size with no comparative cost.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: the cutting of rare cut diamonds requires great artisanship and skill. Buying one can be considered as a way of recognizing the craftsmanship employed in making diamond cuts.


If you are looking for something unusual and unique, then rare cut diamonds will be a perfect pick. The companies such as A.A Rachminov produce a high quality of diamonds, equipped with modern technologies to provide their clients impeccable level for symmetry and proportions. Choose pear shaped, radiant cut or perhaps an emerald cut and you can be assured of a piece that will become your treasure on earth.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why might someone choose a rare cut diamond over a more common cut?

One might choose a rare cut diamond over a more common cut due to its unique and distinctive appeal, which sets it apart from typical diamond shapes. This choice could also reflect a person's individual style or an appreciation for the high level of craftsmanship required to achieve these cuts. Moreover, some rare cuts can make a diamond appear larger than it is, providing a larger perceived size without the associated cost.

What services does your company offer for those interested in investing in diamonds?

Clients who are interested in investing in diamonds or learning more about this exciting niche can take advantage of our diamond-investment consulting services. Our high-end inventories of rare and valuable white and fancy color diamonds present excellent investment opportunities.

Is there an easy way to check your diamond inventory?

We recently launched an app that enables our customers to check our online diamond inventory using real-time data from anywhere and at any time. Our clients can check diamond supply availability according to all parameters.