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Loose Fancy Colored Diamonds and Their Unique Beauty

Fancy colored diamonds, with their diverse palette and unique aura, have long held a fascination for jewel enthusiasts. These diamonds gain their beautiful colors due to a number of geological and chemical interferences that are lacking in their colorless counterparts. This has some of the most desirable and rarest gems in the world, due to their scarcity and uniqueness. In this article, we will discuss the mesmerizing realm of loose fancy colored diamonds and A. A. Rachminov’s knowledge and proficiency in that field.

The Fascination with Fancy Colored Diamonds

The following list provides some insights into the main reasons behind their attractiveness, from striking physical traits to the profound symbolism they often carry.
  • Diverse Color Range: This is why the fancy colored diamonds are so special, with a spectacle of color that covers literally every imaginable hue. This range covers blues, greens, yellows, pinks and very rare purples and reds.
  • Color Intensity: Fancy colored diamonds range from pale, light colors to rich, vivid saturations. What contributes largely to the value of diamond is its intensity, and this results from the concentration and nature of color-causing impurities.
  • Unique Color Combinations: In addition to their cardinal hue, many fancy color diamonds display one or more secondary colors. These distinctive permutations of colors ensure that each stone is indeed one of a kind and that every piece of diamond displays its very own and unique color blend.
  • Exceptional Rarity: Fancy colored diamonds are far less frequent than clear diamonds. These diamonds that are blue or pink, for example, have very few quantities of them making them to be highly valued and hard to find. Blue diamonds occur whenever boron is present, and it causes the diamond to appear blue whereas changes in the crystal structure during the diamond's formation create pink diamonds. They are scarce and increasing demand for unique and distinctive diamonds drives their value high.
  • Intrinsic Patterns: Many times these diamonds possess color unlike the colorless diamonds which may have different internal patterns. These patterns can bring more beauty and rarity to the gem.

A. A. Rachminov's Specialty in Fancy Colored Diamonds

With an unwavering commitment to keeping pace with our clients' needs and emerging market trends, A. A. Rachminov has established a dedicated subsidiary focusing exclusively on maintaining a high-end inventory of fancy color diamonds. This strategic move has positioned us as a one-stop-shop in the global diamond market, offering an extensive range of both white and fancy color diamonds.

We have a wide range of fancy color diamonds, which are large in size and come in full of colors and shapes. Although we do offer a breathtaking selection of gorgeous yellow diamonds in our inventory, what sets us apart truly is the accessibility of the even more exclusive pink and blue diamonds, that can be found in a range of colors so varied their sheer intensity could not be discovered anywhere else. Moreover, to enhance our offerings further, we offer diamond layouts and auction-class stones both encased and loose. This extended inventory signifies our unwavering commitment towards delivering an unparalleled combination of quality, distinction, and variety to our customers.

At A. A. Rachminov, our long-standing presence in the industry and profound knowledge of diamonds reinforce our recognition of the uniqueness, and, as a consequence, the preciousness of fancy colored diamonds. We realize that the manner in which they get cut has a great impact on their intensity of color. This is why we use the very latest and sophisticated cutting and polishing technologies to enhance and bring out the color of every fancy-colored diamond to its peak potential.

Our commitment to maintaining professional standards for our high-end diamond inventories is unwavering. A. A. Rachminov is proud to be a member of the Natural Color Diamonds Association (NCDIA), a testament to our dedication to authenticity and quality in the vibrant world of fancy colored diamonds.


To sum up, if you are an owner of a jewelry shop or a designer in search of a desirable stone, be welcome at A. A. Rachminov and observe the intriguing collection of our loose fancy colored diamonds. Our mesmerizing collection that is home to rare and incredible diamonds of varying colors, shapes, sizes, and cuts is something that leaves our clients impressed. So, you can be sure that every diamond we offer at A. A. Rachminov is created with love for diamonds and long experiences in this business.

If you’re looking for an amazing piece of jewelry that highlights uniqueness, opting for loose fancy colored diamonds from A. A. Rachminov is the best choice. These diamonds are rare and unique, hence an excellent investment that will complement your jewelry collection. So, don't hesitate to visit A. A. Rachminov now and begin your enchanting journey through the world of loose fancy colored diamonds.


Frequently Asked Questions

What causes the unique colors in fancy diamonds?

The unique colors in fancy diamonds are caused by the presence of certain elements or structural anomalies during their formation. For example, nitrogen can create yellow or orange hues, boron can result in a blue color, and radiation exposure can lead to green tones. Structural imperfections can also contribute to the appearance of pink or red shades.

How does the color of a fancy diamond affect its value?

The color of a fancy diamond greatly determines its value, with the more intense and rarer the color, the more valuable the diamond will be. For instance, more vibrant and less common colors i.e pink, blue and green will often fetch a higher price than common colors like yellow or brown.

How are fancy colored diamonds graded?

The intensity of color, faint to vivid, and hue and saturation of the color grade a fancy colored diamond. Unlike colorless diamonds in which the goal is for them to have