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Emerald Cut Diamond Settings: Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking to buy a diamond, an emerald cut diamond will certainly be a good choice. Emerald cut diamonds are well-known for their elongated shape and the way they reflect light. Moreover, the emerald cut diamond is less flashy and offers a classic look, making them a popular choice for engagement rings and necklaces. In particular, an emerald cut diamond setting can enhance the beauty and brilliance of this unique diamond cut. In this article, we will discuss and explore everything you need to know about emerald cut diamond settings.

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What Is An Emerald Cut Diamond Setting?

An emerald cut diamond setting refers to the metal-frame decoration that holds the emerald cut loose diamond to the ring or necklace. The location of the diamond determines its visual, as well as determines the appropriateness of protection from accidental damage. The four corners of the stone in an emerald cut diamond are traditionally open where they can receive more abrupt forces and, thus, can be chipped more easily. Therefore, you should be careful to select an appropriate setting that will allow the gemstone to be safe from harm.


Different Types Of Emerald Cut Diamond Settings

There are different types of emerald cut diamond settings that you can choose depending on your preference. Examples include:
  • Prong Setting: This is perhaps the emerald cut diamond setting that is most commonly used and popular. It is also referred to as claw setting and has some metal prongs that grip the diamond and keep it in position. This type of setting leaves a large surface of the diamond open, allowing it to catch the light and enabling more reflectivity and sparkle.
  • Bezel Setting: In this setting, the girdle (the widest part) of the emerald cut diamond is wrapped in metal. It also ensures that the diamond doesn’t get any scratches or chips from coming into contact with anything and gives it a contemporary finish. Bezel settings are available in two types – full or partial. In a full bezel setting, the entire diamond is encased in the metal whereas in partial metal it covers only two areas of the diamond’s girdle and the rest of the areas are clearly visible.
  • Tension Setting: The emerald cut diamond stays in position, in a tension setting, through a gentle metal tension that is straddled between the steel banding. Setting the diamond in tension gives the appearance that it is suspended in mid-air. Such a setting provides a minimalist appearance, where the attention is drawn completely to the stone’s magnificence.
  • Halo Setting: This environment has a central gemstone that is flanked with smaller diamonds—referred to as ‘halos’. Halos contribute luminosity and enhance the overall appearance of the central diamond. It is a wonderful idea of giving the emerald cut diamond a larger appeal and presenting it even more in front of the nave.
  • Pave Setting: In pave setting, small diamonds are set consecutively to create a continuous bedding of stones. Such an emerald-cut diamond setting provides a nice brilliance and is ideal for an eye-catching appearance.

Choosing An Emerald Cut Diamond Setting

With the various stunning emerald cut diamond settings available, it can be hard to choose one that would best match the ring or necklace. Here are some factors you should consider:
  • The size of your emerald cut diamond . The setting should be proportionate in size to the diamond so that it is neither too big, nor too small. 
  • Your preferences and style. Choose a setting that fits your tastes and complements the overall look of your ring or necklace. Some settings may work better with certain stone shapes than others, so consider this before you make your selection.
  • Your budget. The price of the emerald cut diamond settings can vary widely depending on the type of setting, design, and metal used. Consider your budget and choose the setting accordingly. 
  • The quality of the metal used. Ensure that you choose a setting made from high-quality metals such as gold, platinum or palladium. This will ensure that your emerald cut diamond is securely set and well protected against wear and tear
  • Best Diamond color: Consider the color of your diamond. For example, a J color emerald cut diamond would benefit from a setting that has metal that matches it to avoid emphasizing its yellow tint. All in all, different color diamonds (whether g color diamond or j color diamond) match with different types of settings.
  • Diamond clarity: If you have a VS2 emerald cut diamond for example, it's best to choose a setting type that will showcase its clarity.


In general, if you want to buy an emerald cut diamond, there are several choices for the setting that can be made. It all depends on prong settings, bezel setting and tension to set diamonds in an emerald cut. Remember to pick the appropriate background that will highlight all of the diamond’s cut, color, and clarity qualities.

Our specialty at the A.A. Rachminov is to create spectacular emerald cuts that display the supreme elegance and refinement of this remarkable cut design Our inventory has a large selection of beautiful designs that suit any type of preferences and design styles. Regardless of whether you need a contemporary setting or prefer traditional, A.A.Rachminov is the best IC diamond supplier for superior diamonds in emerald cut jewelry.


Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should be considered when choosing an emerald cut diamond setting?

The setting should not only highlight the beauty of the diamond but also provide sufficient protection. Essential factors to consider include: the diamond's size, color, clarity, your budget, and the quality of the metal used in the setting.

Does A.A.Rachminov provide global shipping?

We can ship a diamond to destinations worldwide within 48 hours or even overnight using a variety of shipping formats and logistical services. These include Brinks, Fedex, Ferrari and Malca-Amit. Our customer support is ready to accommodate any customer request.

Does A.A.Rachminov specialize in natural fancy colored diamonds?

We deal only in natural fancy colored diamonds, and are a member of the Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDA), an organization which promotes global awareness and education of natural colored diamonds.