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Diamond Cut Supplements: How A.A. Rachminov Provides the Perfect Cut

Buying and investing in good diamonds isn't a walk in the park. You need to pay attention to the cut, as it's super important in making a diamond look beautiful and deciding its value. But with so many different types of diamond cuts out there, you've got to find someone who knows what they're doing and can give you diamonds cut just right. One such supplier is A.A. Rachminov, a prestigious diamond supplier that specializes in providing high-quality diamonds with precise cuts. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at A.A. Rachminov's diamond cut supplements and how we provide customers with the perfect cut.

Different Diamond Cut Supplements

With our top-notch diamond making facilities, skilled teams, and the latest diamond-cutting tech, A.A.Rachminov is able to offer a wide variety of white and colored diamonds to our customers all over the world. And to make sure all our diamonds are top quality, we even offer perfectly matched pairs and layouts customized to what our customers want.

We're experts at working with all kinds of diamond cuts, like the radiant cut, emerald cut, asscher cut, deep cut, princess cut, and cushion cut. Each cut is unique, and we make sure each diamond is cut perfectly to meet our customers' expectations.

Take the radiant cut diamond, for example. It's a square or rectangular diamond with cut corners and 70 facets, and it's got a really bright sparkle, making it perfect for people who like a more modern look. Then there's the emerald cut diamond, which has a beautiful rectangular shape that shines a lot of light and sparkle. These are usually used for engagement rings or special pieces of jewelry.

The Asscher is a very distinctive patterned diamond with an exceptional square face that makes it one of the best selling diamonds. It has a great luster, an old-fashioned quality that people like in their jewelry. Finally, there is also the cushion cut diamond that has long been in favor. It has rounded corners with a rectangular or square shape that brings out an interesting sparkle.

So if you're looking for perfectly cut diamonds, A.A. Rachminov is your go-to choice. We've got years of experience and know-how in diamond cutting, and we offer a variety of cuts and layouts to fit what each customer needs.

Ethical Diamond Sourcing

A.A Rachminov advocates doing things properly and correctly. We ensure all our diamonds are sourced from areas adhering to the Kimberley Process, which does not allow trading in conflict stones. In other words, if you shop with us, it is not only about the exquisite cut diamonds but also about ethically sourced natural stones.

It isn’t straightforward to acquire diamonds in the right way, but it is a vital issue for us. We adopt the specifications of such documents as Kimberley Process rules. Here's how we make sure we're always on the up and up when it comes to sourcing diamonds: 

  • Following the Kimberley Process: In A.A Rachminov, all our diamonds come from countries that observe Kimberley Process provisions fully and strictly. This international rule put an end to the sales of diamonds from areas of conflict by ensuring that no diamond is associated with any conflict.
  • Keeping Track: We trace every diamond from its origin to the individual purchasing it. This ensures no errors occur at any point.
  • Choosing the Right Suppliers: We select partners very carefully. We ensure that our suppliers adhere to ethical practices. We enjoy associating with people who do not only comply but also value human rights and care for the world.
  • Always Getting Better: We’re constantly striving for improvement. With us, it could mean a more open approach to what we do, for example reducing the scope of damage caused to nature or enhancing people’s lives in the regions where our diamonds come from.


Since buying a diamond is not just another purchase, you need to be aware of many factors that determine the visual and market value of such a precious stone above all its cut. A.A. Rachminov cuts diamonds perfectly according to the needs of the customers and that is why all our stones are excellent quality products. In addition, we naturally source all our diamonds ethically and are proud to supply you with a beautiful perfectly cut diamond which meets your exacting standards.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable diamond dealer who provides exactly the right cut and makes sure that all their diamonds have been obtained with due diligence, A.A. Rachminov should be your first choice in this respect. Whether it is a radiant cut diamond or cushion shape, we have the best high-quality diamonds for every occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the unique characteristics of A.A. Rachminov’s diamond cut supplement?

By way of a dedicated focus to detail, leading-edge cutting technology and superior quality. The modern and advanced equipment where our experts work is loaded with the latest diamond-cutting tools, which they use to ensure that we always deliver perfectly cut diamonds. We provide an extensive selection of shapes and configurations that align with the precise needs of our clients, resulting in a perfect fit.

How does the shape of a diamond influence its overall durability and worthiness?

A well-faceted cut diamond will make the light reflect from it in a balanced way, thus enhancing its sparkle and making it look bigger as well as brighter. On the other hand, a poorly cut diamond will appear dull despite having such desirable characteristics as high clarity and color grade. Also, in regard to worthiness, the cut factor of a diamond is crucial. On the market, their high-quality cuts tend to be pricier because it takes knowledge and technique for such diamonds. Thus, the cut is not just in shaping a diamond but rather it entails unlocking its beauty and creating more value on the diamonds.