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Why Buying GIA Certified Loose Diamonds is the Best Investment

A.A. Rachminov was formed in the 1940s and the company has grown over the years to become a major provider of top grade diamonds that are ideally cut for various markets. We are customer-centered, and we worked with hundreds of customers all over the world from large chains to little independent stores.

At A.Rachminov, we have a unique value proposition because we ensure that all our diamonds are certified by GIA. They are also among the world’s most well-known and reputable issuing companies when it comes to diamond grading. Therefore, once our customers choose GIA certified loose diamonds, they may be sure that they buy what they pay for, as all the diamond’s quality is carefully examined and every piece is graded according to very stringent regulations.

In this post, we will let you know why buying the GIA certified loose diamonds will be such a brilliant idea.


What exactly are GIA certified loose diamonds?

GIA is an abbreviation for the Gemological Institute of America. They are among the leading destinations for diamond checking and certification. They look at the 4Cs of diamonds: cut, caret, color, and clarity. Loose diamonds are simply diamonds that one has not yet put into a piece of jewelry, and could be a favorable investment if one intends on creating their own jewelry.

When you buy a diamond, you seek the finest quality. This is where GIA certified loose diamonds come in. GIA has certified these diamonds to make you sure that they are of the highest quality. They will even provide you with a report and all the information about the diamond so that you will be able to make the right choice.

One of the advantages one gets when buying the GIA certified loose diamonds is they have a value that lasts for long as time goes by. This, therefore, makes it an ideal investment for any market player. However, as these diamonds have been tested against rigorous standards, you can be reassured that you are purchasing a quality diamond.

Therefore, in case you are seeking quality and value, purchasing GIA certified loose diamonds is an excellent decision. So when you buy your next diamond, do not forget to look for GIA certification. In return, you will have a high-quality piece of jewelry and a valuable investment that you can enjoy for a long period.


Why Buy GIA certified loose diamonds from A.A. Rachminov?

Choosing GIA certified loose diamonds from A.A. Rachminov gives you a bunch of benefits:
  • Trustworthy: A.A. Rachminov is a worldwide known international brand dealing with high quality diamond sales. One of the advantages of dealing with our company is that after you purchase your diamond through us, it is certified by GIA, which is a reputable company in diamond certification.
  • Expert Advice: Given these years of operation in the diamond business, A.A. Rachminov will be able to guide you to perform due diligence in the process of buying the diamond. In addition, our professionals will be able to provide you with helpful tips about the quality of the stone, its price, the situation on this market at this particular moment, and other important specifications.
  • Clear Information: Each diamond you select to buy from A.A. Rachminov has GIA certification and comes with a GIA report. This report offers you each and every information about the stone, including the 4Cs, to have a clue of what you are buying.
  • Lots of Options: A.A. Rachminov is a major diamond manufacturing firm that has a high supply of GIA certified loose diamonds. This means that you have the chance of getting a diamond that is perfect for you and suitable for your pocket.
  • Great Customer Service: In this regard, A.A. Rachminov also has faith in the consideration of our customers. We try our level best to ensure all our customers are satisfied with their purchase.
  • Good Value: Every time that you purchase your loose GIA certified diamonds through A.A Rachminov, you are getting more than a cherished diamond. You also make a wise investment as the value does not depreciate over time.
  • Choices: The types of loose diamonds from A.A. Rachminov include GIA ideal cut diamonds, GIA good cut diamonds, GIA cushion cut diamonds, and GIA certified princess cut diamonds, among others. Each type of diamond is also authenticated by the GIA laboratories, so you are guaranteed the quality material in relation to the amount of money spent.


Deciding to buy loose diamonds with a GIA certificate in A.A. Rachminov is not only a good financial decision, but secures the premium quality and value demanded by the product. These diamonds have a lot of factors that make them the best option. Initially, the certification by GIA guarantees that the diamond is real and a high-quality product. The 4Cs- cut, carat, color and clarity are the parameters in which each diamond undergoes scrupulous assessment. Furthermore, these diamonds have an added advantage of being used with ease for the manufacture of personalized gems. 

The decision to choose A.A. Rachminov as your diamond provider will also offer some benefits that are consistent with the reputation of the company, such as reliability, professional advice, transparency, a wide range of products, premium level of services, and reasonable cost. The firm provides an extensive range of loose high – quality diamonds that go through a detailed inspection by GIA in every unit purchased, which makes it possible to achieve the greatest value for your investment. Therefore, whether you are an experienced buyer or a beginner, deciding to buy GIA certified loose diamonds from A.A. Rachminov is most likely to be a good one.


Frequently Asked Questions

 What makes GIA certified loose diamonds a secure and reliable investment option?

GIA certified loose diamonds are a secure and reliable investment option due to their rigorous evaluation against the stringent 4Cs - cut, carat, color, and clarity. The certification guarantees the quality and authenticity of the diamond, which reassures potential buyers. Additionally, these diamonds tend to hold their value over time, offering a stable investment option.

Where are your current diamond cutting and polishing manufacturing facilities located?

Currently, our firm operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Israel and in South Africa, which use the latest technologies in diamond cutting and polishing.

Do you supply white diamonds?

Our specialty, which sets us apart from other brands, is in maintaining a high-quality stock of large white diamonds that feature superior cuts, high clarity grades and exceptional value.